Our Story

November 30, 2020

It all started when this guy by the name of Stale Sandbech came up to me at an after party. With the proposition that I might be the guy to film the project he's been thinking about for a few years now.... And would I like to go to LAAX in Switzerland with him in two days. Insert LINES:



No brand can evolve without a little help and that’s where my homies come in. We’ve got Brandon Davis who runs Keep It Clean and Morgan Robotta, the mastermind behind Mango Man. 

The beauty of this whole unit is that we all live in the same house, working together to make some fun collections we hope you enjoy. Our goal is to cultivate a fun and easy going culture centered on not taking life too seriously. 

- Ryan, Brandon, Morgan - 


 At the end of the day the four of us are just having some fun. Brain storming on the latest collections and trying to bring something cool to the table. Whether it’s Keep It Clean shirt or Mango Man hoodie you're rocking. All of us from Avocado Street thank you greatly.

 GIMBALGOD™ video and audio production/recording services.

Sizing + Care
Funguy Hats are OSFA. There is a "sinch" in the back for smaller heads.

T-shirts and hoodies fit true to size.

Recommend air drying garments to prevent shrinking. 


T-shirt Size Chart

Sizes Width (cm)
Width (in)
Length (cm) Length (in) Sleeve Length (cm)
Sleeve Length (in)
S 46 18 71 28 40 16
M 51 20 74 29 43 17
L 56 22 77 30 46 18
XL 61 24 79 31 50 20


Hoodie Size Chart 

Sizes Width (cm)
Width (in)
Length (cm) Length (in) Sleeve Length (cm)
Sleeve Length (in)
S 51 20 71 28 88 34.5
M 56 22 74 29 90 35.5
L 61 24 77 30 93 36.5
XL 66 26 79 31 95 37.5